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Invest in real estate?

Finding a property that can take time. We will connect you with a buyer specialist.


SIMP Realty Group offers a simplified life and 100% commission earnings, allowing you to grow your business without the burden of high commission splits. Keep it all, while we support your entrepreneurial journey.


Save towards a larger pig with Realty Hub’s 100% Commission Plan – only $100 per year and $100 per closing. Enjoy all the advantages like no hidden fees, 100% commission, and included E&O Insurance.


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Building relationships with clients helps you prioritize their needs over those of your office, enabling clear and transparent communication to better serve their requirements.

All the features you want


SIMP Realty Group will verify your funds or connect you with lenders that have programs available to fit your investment objectives. This step is crucial to ensure that you are prepared to make an offer when the opportunity arises.

Property Search

SIMP Realty group will help you find a property that meets your unique criteria. They will connect you with a buyer specialist and reach out to local brokers to uncover any off-market deals. Regular updates will be provided as properties are evaluated, allowing you to run your own calculations.

Property Tour

Once a property that meets your criteria is identified, SIMP Realty Group will arrange a time for you to view the property. If you are located in another part of the world, they can provide a walk through video or set up a video call to show you the property. This step is important for pointing out any potential issues and verifying the overall condition.

Make an Offer

When you have found a clear winner, SIMP Realty Group will explain the offer process, make a recommendation on the price, and write the offer on your behalf. If you plan to hold onto the property as a rental, they will also discuss post-purchase plans and connect you with their management division.

Home Inspection

Once the offer is accepted, SIMP Realty Group will help coordinate inspections, gather rent rolls if applicable, and answer any questions you may have. This step ensures that you have a complete understanding of the property’s condition before proceeding to closing.


The closing will take place at the title company chosen by the seller. If the property is currently rented, SIMP Realty Group will coordinate with the tenant(s) and their management division to facilitate a smooth transition. After closing, you can expect continued market updates and support as you grow your real estate portfolio.

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Invest in real estate.